I am an avid collector of ideas and inspiration. I'm continuously building my library of references, which I draw upon for my designs. My work incorporates my interests in ephemera, decorative arts, film, fashion, and the natural world.  

With an education in fine art and graphic design, my work unifies my skills in both traditional and digital media. I approach each project with a fresh perspective, viewing it as an opportunity to learn and create something special. I work closely with people to develop designs that are custom tailored to them, and feel like an extension of the space they are in.

Select Clients:

ApplyBoard / BorgWarner / Catalyst 137 / Communitech / Downtown Kitchener BIA / Gensler / GSP Group / Hustl+Flow / Muros / Nicoya / Shake Shack / Shopify / Terminal / Titanium.Agency / University of Waterloo / Vidyard / Vital Images / Wilfrid Laurier University