Hand Painted Murals / AR Animation

44 Gaukel Creative Workspace

44 Gaukel is a creative hub for arts and tech, located in Downtown Kitchener. The building has a unique history: built in the 1960s, the space originally functioned as a post office. At the time, surveillance cameras weren’t commonplace, so to keep watch on the employees a long corridor was designed with two-way mirrors in the ceiling. As the employees sorted mail below, someone would be stationed inside the ceiling, looking over them.  

While the mirrors have since been removed, the corridor remains a fascinating feature of the space. It runs the length of the building, and gets a lot of traffic throughout the day. I wanted to create a design that would evolve as people walked from one end of the corridor to the other. I came up with a simple line graphic which repeats down the hallway, but gradually changes colour. The colours fade from a light yellow to deep purple, producing a very different effect at each end of the corridor. As you walk through it, the line graphic is the most noticeable, while the colours seem to change before your eyes.

For the front entrance I wanted to create a piece that would speak to the function of the space, by merging both art and tech. I came up with an augmented reality design that comes to life when scanned with the Artivive app.