Hand Painted Mural


ApplyBoard connects international students with educational institutions around the world. Some of their largest markets include Vietnam, Canada, China, Iran, India, and the USA. The objective for this design was to highlight these locations and celebrate the diversity of the ApplyBoard community.  

The crowd of people represents students from around the world who have been connected to educational opportunities. Diversity is shown through a vibrant colour palette of blues, green, coral, and peach, rather than literal skin tones. The faces of the students have intentionally been left blank to allow the viewer to project themselves onto the piece. Anyone can see themselves as one of the members of the crowd. Even during the painting process, groups of people from the ApplyBoard office would frequently gather around it to find their match.

To represent ApplyBoard’s largest markets, repeat patterns were created and used to fill portions of the design. These patterns were inspired by motifs that are found in each of these cultures, such as quilting, weaving, embroidery, tiles, and appliqué.