Hand Painted Mural

St. Jacobs Village BIA

St. Jacobs Village is a quaint little town with a Mennonite heritage, and the historical charm of the village makes it a popular tourist destination. I worked with the St Jacobs BIA to develop a mural that would suit the atmosphere of the village, and catch the attention of both locals and visitors. The only requirements for this piece were that I use the phrase “a little bit of country is good for the soul” and that it be painted on this wall. Simple enough, except the window was a major obstruction. To paint the phrase below it would look too minuscule, so I had to come up with a way to make it fill the whole wall. My solution was to go with a wood type style, where each line of text is a different font. This would allow the words to fit around the window without looking forced. This style was popular during the nineteenth century, and fits in well with the historical surroundings of St. Jacobs Village.