Signage Design / Hand Painted Murals


Catalyst 137 is the world’s largest Internet of Things manufacturing space. Formerly an industrial warehouse, the 475,000 sq ft building is now home to tech offices, co-working spaces, restaurants and cafes. Additionally, it functions as a space for public events and fundraisers. 

The starting point for this project was to develop a design system for the base building that would help guide people through the space. It was important to consider that once the space was fully occupied, it would be full of signage for all of the tenants. The base building designs had to be neutral enough to compliment this signage.

The first step was to establish a colour palette. Five colours were selected for the five different bays of the building. At the request of the owner, the black and red from the Catalyst brand palette were used for Bay 1 and  2, and blue, yellow, and green were used for Bays 3, 4 and 5. Custom numbers were designed in a stencil-style, which makes reference to the industrial past of the building. Behind each number is a transparency effect, inspired by the angles of the Catalyst logo. 

Bay 4 and Bay 5 are nearly identical, with long corridors on either side of the entrance. These corridors were the ideal area to extend the colour coding for each Bay. Using the same angles and transparency effects from the other walls, I created two different designs of layered geometric shapes.