Hand Painted Murals / Signage Design


Catalyst137 is the world’s largest Internet of Things manufacturing space. Formerly an industrial warehouse, the 475,000 sq ft building is now home to tech offices, co-working spaces, restaurants and cafes. Additionally, it functions as a space for public events and fundraisers. 

For the main event space, a cityscape design was created to make reference to the Internet of Things. Hidden throughout the scene are various everyday objects, some of which include: a file folder, keyboard, camera, briefcase, shopping bag, and stereo. This shows the integration of tech with everyday life. It also engages viewers in a game of “I spy” as they see how many items they can find. 

Hexagon patterns are used throughout the space as a way to incorporate the Catalyst137 brand. A custom pattern was created for the seating areas, which were painted slightly different to give each area a unique look, while maintaining a sense of cohesion. For the wall next to the cafe, the hexagon pattern was reimagined as an optical illusion. Made up of black and white stripes, the pattern seems to vibrate and wiggle as you walk around it. 

Due to the massive scale of the building, it was important to prevent new visitors from getting lost in the space. To help attract attention to the building directories, the area was labelled with a large “Directory” sign in the Catalyst brand red. To further accentuate the area, a blueprint design of the building was painted on the wall behind the directories.