Hand Painted Mural


The boardroom at Titanium.Agency is regularly used for conference calls with their other offices, which are located all over the world. These locations include London, New York, Dubai, California, Ukraine, Mumbai, and Ontario. The objective of this design was to represent each location and create a standout background for all of their video calls. The imagery features local monuments, plant life, signage, and modes of transportation. I was very inspired by the look of vintage postcards and travel posters, and wanted the room to feel like an escape to another world. 

The  goal was to represent each of their locations with recognizable imagery, without using anything too obvious.
The final selections were:

London/England - Tower of London, Tudor Rose (depicted as a real flower) and Hackney carriage

New York - Chrysler Building, Broadway sign from Belasco Theatre, and viewfinder from the Empire State Building

Dubai - city skyline, Burj Al Arab hotel, signage from the
La Mer neighbourhood, and the Dubai Frame

California - palm trees, California poppies, and signage from the San Francisco cable cars

Ukraine - St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery

Mumbai - Gateway of India, moped, and Lions of Sarnath from the gates of the Bombay High Court

Ontario - trilliums, CN Tower, signage from the TTC Ossington station, and the white squirrel from Trinity Bellwoods Park